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The idea for Goodluck Junior was conceived during a visit to Tanzania in 2010.


The Children’s Education Society (CHESO)

Whilst in Tanzania Theodora took the opportunity to meet up with an old friend and colleague, Richard Shilamba. Richard has founded and run a number of human rights NGOs, but it was whilst volunteering for the UN in the refugee camps of Rwanda and Liberia that his attention was drawn to vulnerable children. On a daily basis he witnessed the hopelessness in the eyes and lives of these children; the children of conflict, the AIDS orphans, the children sold as slaves or into the sex trade. The hopelessness stemmed not only from their experiences, but from the lack of education which prevented them rom fulfilling their dreams. He made a promise to himself that when he returned to Tanzania he would establish an NGO which would campaign for education rights of children. On his return, the Children’s Education Society (CHESO) was established.


During their reunion Richard spoke of CHESO’s work and of his dream to build a school. He and his family had already donated land upon which the school was to be built and had embarked on seeking funds to build and run the school.


Theodora made a promise to set up a charity to assist Richard fulfil his dream.

Goodluck Junior

Goodluck Junior was born in July 2009, he was a joyful little angel, until his life was cut short a few days before his first birthday.


A couple of months later Theodora had the pleasure of working along side his father Goodluck. Goodluck’s reputation preceded him, all those who had met him spoke of his warmth, intelligence and positive attitude accompanied with the trademark smile. Moved by both the tragedy  and her new friendship, Theodora decided to name the charity in memory of Goodluck Junior and was honoured when Goodluck and Cecilia gave their blessing.


Goodluck Junior will empower others to live their dreams.


Our School

The school will be named the Volunteers Secondary School in recognition of the volunteering work of Richard, his colleagues and all those who will volunteer their time to create the school.The school will be built in the in Temeke Municipality on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.


On site counselling will help vulnerable children to deal with their pasts and the opportunity to receive an education. Full capacity will be 640 serving the needs of the local community.


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