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The Literacy Project



The Public Schools Literacy Project, CHESO seeks to integrate out of school children back into the formal education system.


The vision: to see all children in Tanzania educated to their full potential.


To achieve this, CHESO is establishing a model Centre for children’s literacy.


The three steps to achieving this are:

  1. To train 15 assistant Teachers on psycho-social counseling and teaching skills.

  2. Initially 30 bright and ambitious children will be given psycho-social counseling and intensive teaching by for 3 months to attain basic reading, writing and numeracy skills.

  3. The children will apply to join the Tanzanian Government’s Complementary Basic Education in Tanzania (COBET); a compressed primary education curriculum designed to be taught over 3 years enabling them to attain primary education. COBET classes are fully funded by the government. The COBET taught children qualify to take the national primary education competitive examinations for entry into public secondary schools in the same way as those who went through the ordinary 7 year primary education cycle.  This will enable them to benefit from secondary education and subsequently be able to join higher education colleges and Universities.


If you are interested in donating to this project please contact us via our Facebook page.


You can download the CHESO Public School Literacy Project Brochure to find out more about this initiative.



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